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Cheshire Newborn photography – Rocco

Cheshire Newborn photography - Rocco
Naturally, being a Cheshire Wedding Photographer, I have picked up a lot of newborn photography shoots along the way from couples who have gone on to have little ones. Because of this, I've built up a nice little newborn photography portfolio. Whilst I didn't photograph this little boys parents wedding, I am left wishing I did! they were such a gorgeous trio! My n[...]

Lola Newborn Photography Chester

Lola Newborn Photography Chester
A couple of weeks ago I headed over to Chester to meet baby Lola. I met her Mum, Dad & Big sister in 2014 when I photographed one of their family weddings. I was so excited to have a catch up with them! Lola was gorgeous and tiny! All of my newborn shoots take place in the home to avoid interrupting any routines. Lola was brilliant throughout the whole shoot and y[...]