Rome Trip

A visit to Rome, it started off as a bargain but ended up costing a small fortune though I’ve returned feeling more rich. Rich with culture, rich with Italian flavours in my mouth, rich with memories of the warm sun enveloping me. A four day trip, a holiday, a chance to broaden the mind. Our journey started off in the capital city of Rome, we spent a few days there, sampling local food, drinking traditional Italian coffee and walking. Boy did we walk! Our feet were very sore but wow those were some of the best miles I’ve walked so far. On the last day we drove down to Naples, stopping often to enjoy every little village…


Our Italian hire car, in keeping with the theme…


I thought this was the least obvious sign ever!

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Inside view of the Coliseum.

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British tourists…

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Worlds smallest car. Looks like a roller skate!

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How gorgeous is the Coliseum at night time?!


We visited the Palatino…

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View from Museo Sacrario delle Bandiere looking over towards the Coliseum.


View from Museo Sacrario delle Bandiere looking out towards the hills.

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If this looks strange it is because it was! A man inside a push chair making crying noises. Very entertaining! haha


Fiumi Fountain

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Castel Sant’Angelo


Taken in Ostia, our first stop on our coastal drive to Naples…

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Valentines dinner in Naples… I love seafood risotto!



Chelsea x x