Outdoor Newborn Portrait Shoot

“The photographs are fantastic thank you very much”

Getting my camera out again since entering into lockdown has been an absolute dream. I won’t lie, when I first held it in my hands I had to quickly remember what all the buttons do!! It is crazy to think that I have literally taken hundreds of thousands of images already this year and yet a number of weeks of not doing any photography (other than quick lockdown snaps on my phone) rendered my mind blank for a few short seconds.

I hope you’re all doing as well as you can! I have done a few socially distanced portraits, such as the one I am about to show you…Everyone, meet gorgeous baby Albie. He was born just before lockdown but has spent the majority of his life so far in lockdown. His mum and dad wanted to capture some lovely memories of him whilst he is still so young and tiny! He is an absolutely beautiful baby!

We met at Biddulph Grange gardens and spent some time creating these lovely shots! I really enjoyed it so thank you for choosing me to capture this precious time in your life.. Here is what we got up to…

Chelsea xx