On Tuesday I headed to Focus on Imaging in Birmingham. It is a annual exhibition show for photographers. After last year, I have been looking forward to it yet dreading it in equal measures. I look forward to it because I LOVE being there, surrounded by hundreds of people who also share the same passion as me. I dread it because the prospect of improving my photography equipment scares me. I’m the kind of girl who likes to be able to pick things up and use them straight away with no hassel. Yes this means I NEVER read instructions! ever.. When I first began photography I had such a hard time, I was like “Depth of field? what have fields got to do with cameras” I’m embarassed to admit that last bit. However, despite all this I came away with the 5D MKiii, yes my 5D MKii has been demoted to my 2nd camera. I’m loving it so far, I shall be blogging my thoughts on the camera in the near future. Whilst at the show I also visitied the cutest newborn prop stall, I bought lots of things but my favourite was a rustic trench bowl… I hadn’t thought of when I was going to first use it until today. I was changing my brother Jensen and decided as he was in a happy mood I would grab my camera. Here are the results…






Love Chelsea x