Looks can be deceiving.

Editing in this weather is horrible and probably the ONLY time I sit up and think “Why did I opt for this – staying inside in my little office when it’s blazin’ hot outside?? Why?” So I got up, went to the kitchen and told myself I would make myself the coolest, tastiest, fruitiest cocktail anyone has ever tasted… tough challenge?? hehe I pulled out my blender from the cupboard (remember how bad my other blending session turned out) and proceeded to chop various fruits, I use the word “Various” loosely! I put everything in there… Limes!!? Orange, strawberries, bananas and more…  (Check out the colour coordination!) (:

This cocktail looks tasty doesn’t it? well it wasn’t tasty. So the conclusion of the cocktail session was that looks can be deceiving. I know everyone will read that and think “yes and?? already knew that” Your mind only sees what it wants to see sometimes. Personally for me I know that when I first started out a few years ago I would assume everyone else is doing better than me based on their camera or how much they charged for weddings, they forgot to mention the AMOUNT of bookings they had (so I could easily have been wrong assuming they were doing amazing) I’m not saying to be successful you have to have X amount of bookings etc, no, but what I am saying that what ever your goals are try not to compare yourself to others as they might not have life through rose tinted glasses as you would imagine. Anyhow I am set up for another day of editing… I really have to be in the mood for it! on a plus note I shot a wedding yesterday, yes on a Wednesday… I only have Monday and Tuesday to do and then that’s a full week. It’s so lovely to see (: Bye for now,

Chelsea x