Heaton Park Proposal Photography – Kim & Richard

I had an email in my inbox off Richard last week, he was planning to propose to his long term girlfriend and mother of his gorgeous baby boy. He wanted his proposal to be photographed and I jumped at the chance, I LOVE the whole idea! Many emails later we arranged a day, a place and time. This proposal was a complete surprise to Kim and so I had to make sure I kept myself as inconspicious as possible. Once Kim & Richard arrived and began walking through the gates of Heaton Park towards the spot where Richard was to propose I began slowly moving into position. Richard chose a beautiful part of Heaton Park which was a long wide path with tall trees forming a pretty border for quite a distance. Once Richard popped the question, Kim of course said yes and the rest was lovely. Emotion, happiness and everything inbetween. Kim & Richard, you are a gorgeous loving couple x

Take a look at the proposal in photographs…

Congratulation you two!

Chelsea x