Feeling Wintery.

This Summer has been amazing. I’m having an even better run up to Autumn with lots of cool projects, however, I NEED a holiday now. As my business is still only a few years old it seems that each year gets busier and busier naturally, whilst it could be busier I’m still working harder and harder each year so I think it’s about time I start thinking of a cheeky break. I have been designing some new stationary today for an up coming wedding fayre, I got stuck so I figured I could find inspiration in the cupboard where I keep my tea & coffee collection, okay, that’s just an excuse I know (:

I took some time away from the computer to indulge. My indulgence involved photography magazines, a mocha with a generous helping of Costa Coffee Cinnamon Syrup. I’m feeling so wintery lately, I’m loving the fact that the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees. I’m even more excited about carving a pumpkin this October oh and baking cookies…   Bye for now,   Chelsea x