Cheshire Life & Accidental Shopping

A few weeks ago I heard that there was an article about the PWSA calendar launch night featured in Cheshire life magazine. I was so excited, couldn’t believe it even. I knew Cheshire life had been at the launch night taking photos but it somehow didn’t register that they would end up in their glossy mag! It was 11:45pm, I popped my boots on and dashed to my local 24 hour Tesco to bag myself a copy. When I was there I couldn’t for the life of me find the magazine! I even had 2 late night shop assistants helping me search for it! I eventually found a copy behind some other discarded newspapers. Dashed to the self service check out, paid, ran down the escalator and swiftly plonked myself down on the vacant bench at the bottom of it. Flicking through the pages, once, twice, three times. The article wasn’t there. No wonder I couldn’t find the article. I’d only gone and turned the magazine department of Tesco upside down for an out of date copy!! bb How silly of me. My midnight trip was now pointless. Needless to say I’ve now bought myself a copy and here it is…


You’re probably thinking I’m overreacting right? I most probably am but I feel quite proud of my achievements during 2012 and this has been a true cherry to top it all off. Thanks to all the bluebelles for the opportunity (:   On a slightly more recent note, considering I hate shopping, I bought a really nice pair of black heels today. By accident of course. I got sucked into the shop and was forced to buy them. HATE it when that happens!


What do you think? They will make their debut of Tuesday evening for a celebratory meal with Rick. He’s also had a very successful 2012 which is worth celebrating (: With love, Chelsea x